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  • Built-in Archiving

    As you will capture information on your various job sites, you will naturally build an archive for each of your job site. The archive is comparable to the history of the happenings on a job site and it might be very useful in case of an issue with a customer. And with Lanes, all the job site diaries fit in your pocket: no need to carry a multitude of papers and files!
  • Photos, Videos and more

    Lanes supports many kind of information such as notes, photos, videos, events, todo list or measures. Each of these information are called "led". For example, the measure led lets you enter a series of measure with unit and date time information. So if you need to record the temperature or humidity rate at several times, you can do it easily with Lanes.
  • Tag Your Information

    You can tag each information or led with metadata such as color, weather, importance, and keywords. Tagging information will help you organize your information better and find quickly find it when you will need it. Adding keywords for each information created is mandatory and will allow you to get statistics usage for each keyword directly in the app.
  • Security and Privacy

    All communications between the devices and Lanes servers are encrypted. The data fully belongs to you and only you! Each job site created in Lanes (or lane in the terminology Lanes) is private which means that only its owner will have access to the information. At any time, as the author of a job site or a lane, you can invite one or more other users to collaborate with you. In this case, each authorized user will have access to the information stored in the lane as a reader or contributor.
  • Application focused on Operation

    Lanes is fully focused on operation and will ease your life on a daily-basis. You will spend less time on administration tasks and more time on value added tasks. Just launch the app, take a photo, a video or enter a valuable information and everything will be synced automatically in the cloud. And if you share a job site with other contract managers or foremen, Lanes will ease the communication between the various stakeholders and offer a clearer follow-up than on paper.
  • Paperless

    Create a digital construction diary for each job site you manage. Lanes will help you save tons of paper because all the events and information of your different job sites are stored on secured servers available anytime, anywhere and from any device.