Intuitive, stylish & effective:
create smart job diaries & more!

Empower your foreman, contract managers and building site staff by connecting them digitally with Lanes, the surprisingly smart mobile diary.

Create job diaries

Creating job diaries to organise all your job information in one place to manage your construction work.


Capture your construction project information in the form of building pictures, designs, videos, documents, measurements and specification. Tag all the information for easy access.


Share the project with all those at work such as foreman, supervisors, and dispatchers from the lanes app so that they are well informed about the job and the work to be done. Keep your customers in the loop to be informed of the project progress.

Todo Lists, Reminders

For every job, create a todo lists, reminders and share them with your team. Track the work to be done and the progress with ease.

With Lanes, your job site diary turns to…

Built-in Archiving

As you will capture information on your various job sites, you will naturally build an archive for each of your...

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Tag Your Information

You can tag each information or led with metadata such as color, weather, importance, and keywords. Tagging information will help...

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Security and Privacy

All communications between the devices and Lanes servers are encrypted. The data fully belongs to you and only you! Each job...

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Photos, Videos and more

Lanes supports many kind of information such as notes, photos, videos, events, todo list or measures. Each of these information...

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Application focused on Operation

Lanes is fully focused on operation and will ease your life on a daily-basis. You will spend less time on...

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Create a digital construction diary for each job site you manage. Lanes will help you save tons of paper because...

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Do not wait any longer and empower your teams with Lanes, the mobile and smart building sites diary!